• Multiple copies of a broadside lay on a printing work station. The cover of each broadside shows a red lizard, the poem's title, and author.
  • The front cover features a young knight raising his sword up towards a dragon made out of fire. The back cover features a wizard made of fire, looming over a trio of siblings.
  • A building projects out of the letter "d" while a person's face projects out of the letter "p". The logo is white on a blue background.
  • An ancient Grecian statue stands in front of a window of a NASA space shuttle. She is looking out at the stars and sun. Green light illuminates her and the rest of the interior of the ship.
  • A book sits open on a white background. The pages are black and feature small snapshots of illustrations of cryptids. Yellow eyes curl around the table of contents.
  • Prints of a jackalope create a pattern of fluorescent colors.
  • A spread of the interior of a scientific report. The top section is called "Data Collection" while the bottom section is called "Best Practices". The best practices are defined by four categories: clean energy, energy efficiency, transparency, and dirty energy.
  • A page showing several items one could buy to decorate their living space in a modern gothic aesthetic. Some items include a zodiac rug, a print of a black cat, and a skull planter.
  • A red book cover with large block text that reads "This Whole Wide Wicked World: A Journey into the Occult World of Pop Culture and Tourism by Casey Williams." A skull covers the right side of the cover; its line art resembles a city map.
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