• An infant's hand stretches out towards a woman's hand. Microbes float behind the pair in bright pastel pinks, blues, and purples.
  • The interior of a children's book. Children sit in a movie theater. One girl has tripped and spilled her popcorn, while her sister looks on in shock. The style of the image is collage made up of watercolor and an assortment of materials such as fabric and plastic.
  • The front cover features a young knight raising his sword up towards a dragon made out of fire. The back cover features a wizard made of fire, looming over a trio of siblings.
  • An angel flies above a pair of outstretched hands while fire burns. The print's title says "Be Not Afraid." The illustration includes gold foil accents.
  • An ancient Grecian statue stands in front of a window of a NASA space shuttle. She is looking out at the stars and sun. Green light illuminates her and the rest of the interior of the ship.
  • Multiple copies of a broadside lay on a printing work station. The cover of each broadside shows a red lizard, the poem's title, and author.
  • A spread of the interior of a scientific report. The top section is called "Data Collection" while the bottom section is called "Best Practices". The best practices are defined by four categories: clean energy, energy efficiency, transparency, and dirty energy.
  • A building projects out of the letter "d" while a person's face projects out of the letter "p". The logo is white on a blue background.
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