Blue Magazine Redesign

These spreads were created for a Magazine Design course at Emerson College. The project asked students to redesign a defunct magazine. I chose Blue, an indie travel magazine that focused on extreme sports, unique locations, and personal essays. Blue was well-known for its experimental graphic design, bold colors, and unique format. The objective of the assignment was to study the original magazine’s aesthetic in order to replicate and improve upon it. My redesign embraced the playful graphic design of the original, while modernizing it.

All copyrighted materials were used only for educational purposes and were credited within the project.

Front Cover

Photo by Stephen Alvarez

Table of Contents

Background art by

Journey to the Center of Paris

Article by Pawel Wiekski / translation by Natalia Mierzewska / photo by Dweeb of 28 Days Later Urban Exploration

Ranger Confidential: Secrets of the National Park Rangers

Article by Andrea Lankford / artwork by Stuart McMillen

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