Liminal Magazine

Liminal magazine was a final project for a Magazine Design course at Emerson College. The project asked students to conceptualize, design, and then print a forty page magazine. Photo research, graphic creation, textual layout, image composition, article curation, as well as creating a cohesive look for the magazine were all objectives of the assignment. The magazine examines how the mythological and supernatural manifest in contemporary society. Subject matter of articles include travel guides of surreal sites, critical essays on niche trends, and artist spotlights.

This project won third place in the Student Category of the 62nd New England Book Show.

All copyrighted materials were used only for educational purposes and were credited within the project.

Cover of Liminal Magazine

Artwork created by Nicolas Bruno

Table of Contents

Modern Gothic

This spread is the “Modern Gothic” section of Liminal and serves to curate products for a featured aesthetic.

Go Straight to Hell Michigan

Article by Pure Michigan

Night in the Woods Review

Review by Justin McElroy / artwork from “Night in the Woods”
The artwork was a still of gameplay, which I edited into a frame for the review.

Between Realms

Interview by Jennifer Berube / artwork by Nicolas Bruno

Interview by Jennifer Berube / artwork by Nicolas Bruno

Meet the Black Girls of Goth

Article by Nadra Nittle / photo by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott
All the photos I collected during my research all shared a cool blue palette, which I used for the splashes of blue throughout the article. I created these streaks in Photoshop, then layered them in InDesign with various blending modes.

Article by Nadra Nittle / photo by Stephanie Jensen

The Devil Has All the Best Tunes

Article by Martin Chilton
I did photo research to find photos of pop stars referenced within the article. To riff off of the cheeky tone, I sketched in a tail, horns, and red eyes.

Behind the Mask

Interview by Tim Maclean / photos by Martha Swann / artwork by Camille Chew

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